Like an old friend, AL FORNO EAST COAST has been around a long time. It’s the kind of restaurant that never gets packed, but has a steady stream of regulars that keep it humming along. It’s where the locals go when they want a pizza they know is going to be good, where the waiters call you by name, and where it’s so laid back they don’t mind making something for you that’s not on the menu.

The pizza is the real draw, although good antipasti and pasta are also on the menu. It doesn’t really matter what pizza you choose, it’s the homemade crust, tomato sauce base, good cheese and wood-fired oven that make it great. We like the classic four cheese pizza, the Italian sausage pizza, and the one with artichokes and ham. There’s a Singaporean pizza with chili, which we’re sure is well liked, but why overpower the delicious tomato sauce?

Take out pizza is popular too, especially with the evening delivery service (for the East Coast only) offering convenience. Drop by AL FORNO’s anyday, it’s sticking around.

Mamma mia! Is your favorite Italian restaurant on our list of Singapore’s best?