Al Qasr | Review

Still bustling Holland V has a myriad of colorful restaurants offering a wide variety of cuisines, but you’ll be hard pressed to find a restaurant in Singapore that serves authentic, super-exotic Lebanese, Middle Eastern and North African chow like Al Qasr.

Armed with loads of experience, executive chef Ghazi Georges Khanashat churns out tasty delectables, including a mind-boggling array of 72 hot and cold mezze. Check out the Al Qasr hommos (chickpea paste), plus the delicious ras asfoor (fresh minced lamb cubes with Lebanese ctherry jam), reyash ghanam (grilled lamb chops served with special Lebanese BBQ sauce) and the seafood tajeen with apricote, a delightful vegetable stew.

The assorted Lebanese desserts are yummy too—maamool, ghoriabah, barazek and baklawah—they are all worth trying.