Altazzag Egyptian Restaurant

Haji Lane has always been a hideaway for a slew of cool, quirky shops and nestled amid this beat is Altazzag. A word of caution though: If you intend to drop by please do so in T-shirt and shorts, because this halal eatery has no air-con, only ceiling fans. Still, despite the buckets we sweated in the simmering heat, we enjoyed the random, slightly rundown feel of the place. We liked the offbeat, indie décor too—the bright blue ceiling, wooden tables, Egyptian pictures adorning the walls and small collection of shisha bottles in the corner. The whole eatery is small—and the cooking area is clearly visible from where you’re sitting indoors. The chef whipped up the special all-in-one platter for us. It had hummus (chick pea dip), babaganoush (eggplant), Egyptian salad, tahina (pure peanut sauce) and tzatziki (yogurt) served with freshly-baked pita bread. The mix grill Altazzag Special was quite a good platter of lamb, beef, fish, prawn, kofta (minced lamb meat) and chicken shish (a way of cooking with skewers) kebabs. Drenched with tahina (peanut) and chili sauce, this platter provided variety, kick and great taste.

Plus point: After stuffing yourself, you can head upstairs to smoke shisha here if you want, and lull the evening away.

Altazzag Egyptian Restaurant is Halal. Check out our favorite Halal restaurants in Singapore.

Venue Details
Address: Altazzag Egyptian Restaurant, 24 Haji Lane, Singapore, Singapore
Phone: 6295-5024
Area: Arab Street and Kampong Glam
Cuisine: Arabic
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