Amalfi The Pizza Place

We stepped into Amalfi during dinner time and found the place surprisingly empty. We had half expected it to be seriously packed with executives from nearby City Hall and Shenton Way. But no matter, as we were looking forward to a quiet evening. As big fans of pizza, we quickly ordered the Pizza Bismark ($16.90). Its toppings—tomato smothered chicken sausage and half-baked egg—created a nice juxtaposition with its light and crispy crust. Lifting off a slice of the thin crust pizza, with its creamy cheese and wobbly egg intact, and putting it straight into our mouths, was an experience of utter delight. But the rest of our orders were disappointing, especially the cold appetizers, which looked promising on the menu. The one-serving-only Grand Antipasto Buffet ($13.90 for a small bowl, $19.90 for large), boasts over 10 Mediterranean varieties such as eggplant, meatballs, salami, grilled vegetables and mixed salads—but the quality was average. Though we had an amusing time fitting them all onto an eight-inch plate, the mix was rather bland. We also tried the beef capriccio ($14.90), which was an interesting dish in itself. Mayonnaise was drizzled over the chewy slices of roast beef, and on the side was a mesclun salad with vinaigrette dressing. If there was any complaint about this dish, it was that the beef was a tad overcooked. Pressing on, we sampled the baked pasta Anelli Torno E Olive ($16.90). Despite the innovative attempt of fusing ricotta cheese and spinach stuffed pasta with canned tuna smothered in a tomato base, the mix did not go well together, as the tuna was overpowering. We decided to have one last go with desserts, but the chocolate profiteroles ($6.90) disappointed us further. We had a hard time hacking away at the frozen whipped cream, and they survived two bites before we had them returned to the kitchen. Faring better was the homemade Gelato Giusti ($5 for two scoops), which was suitably creamy—not too sweet with a hint of vanilla. We were the only two diners throughout the night, and we definitely felt more left out than welcomed in this quiet establishment. Service may be prompt, but overall, there’s still room for improvement.