Andong Zzimdak

Jjimdak specialty restaurant Andong Zzimdak launches its first Southeast Asian outlet in Singapore at Raffles City’s basement dining enclave. The chain, which is available at over 65 locations in South Korea, serves the Korean braised chicken dish, marinated in a sweet and savory broth made from Korean soy and corn syrup. 
The casual-dining outlet sports a no-frills space, with non-descript dark wood benches that seem to be a tight squeeze for those with a posse of five or more. On the menu are four jjimdak varieties: the original Andong Jjimdak ($45.90/$55.90), boneless jjimdak ($49.90/$59.90), seafood jjimdak ($42.90/$65.90) and mayak (spicy) jjimdak ($47.90/$57.90). Served with carrots, potatoes and sweet potato noodles, the dish is meant for sharing with friends. Besides the obvious highlights, the restaurant also dishes out other items like kimchi pork soup, soft tofu soup and sardine soup, and side dishes such as chicken karaage ($9.90), seafood pancake ($9.90) and spicy dokboki ($9.90).