The Ascot

The buzz: Among the latest additions to lifestyle hub The Grandstand, this British joint is a debut F&B effort by Sylvester Fedor, who’s just back in Singapore after studying hospitality in both Australia and the UK.  

The vibe: A mural of race course stables stands at the entrance of the eatery. Once inside, the room is basic but spacious with exposed brick walls, grey floors and a wide screen television, which screens sports. There’s also a nice little patio, just right for evening drinks.

The food: It’s a classic British menu. To start, there’s the cold cut platter ($18) featuring a range of cured meats and a scotch egg (with a nicely runny yolk). Mains are hearty including comforting cottage pie ($22) and A Bunch of Bangers ($20), comprising three broiled sausages with bubble and squeak. There’s a deep-fried Mars Bars with ice-cream ($8) for dessert. Besides that, find specials such as the Sunday Night Roast ($32)—a roast lamb leg, Yorkshire pudding, sautéed vegetables, potatoes and tzatziki salad—plus, weekend brunch offerings like the Ascot Big Plate ($22), with eggs, hash browns, sausages, sautéed mushrooms, bacon and toast.

The drinks: They serve beers—mostly from Australia and the UK—such as Fullers London Pride ($15), Pure Blond ($8) and Crown Lager ($8) as well as housepour spirits ($10) including Cruzan Light rum and Teacher’s Highland Cream whisky.

Why you’ll be back: After a round of soccer or horseback riding at the sporting facilities surrounding The Grandstand, this is a solid unpretentious space to unwind with a filling meal and cold brew.

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