Ash & Char

Ash & Char is a modern Asian brasserie styled kitchen and bar, which caters to cafe hunters during lunchtime, and turns into a lavish restaurant by night. It serves authentic Asian cuisines with charred and smoked elements incorporated into them, accompanied by a wide range of wine and alcohol options.

There’s an open-concept bar on the corner of the 50-seater restaurant that’s decked out in cool shades of black and brown. As you make your way into the restaurant, you’ll be greeted by a whitewashed wall with blue sofas and warm lights. Food wise, their most popular dish is the Vietnamese loaded fries ($12) which really is just regular fries tossed with hoisin, mayo and hotsauce. They also serve Asian dishes like the tom yum seafood pasta ($19) and a slow cooked chicken leg that comes with charred broccoli, sweet potato crumble, king oyster mushroom and truffle chicken jus. 

Besides the usual spirits, they also have their signature cocktails like the pestle and mortar ($18) which is a rum based mojito, and the elder flower fuss ($16) which is made up of gin and grapefruit juice. But if you prefer avoiding mixing your meal with alcohol, they also have other beveraged ranging from coffee ($3) to their signature lemongrass and passionfruit ice tea ($6.50).