Astons Specialties

We’ve so far given this wood-accented, salon-like outlet of the Astons chain a miss, as the queues were always so long. But we finally decided to brave the lines to see what the fuss is all about. During an early weekend dinner hour, a sizeable crowd had already formed. We waited, and after about 30 minutes we finally got a table. While the staff could have cleared a table for us more quickly, our orders were taken while we were still queuing which helped to speed things up. The portions here are huge (pick any two sides with your main), the chow is unpretentiously good and the prices, very reasonable. Drinks are generic and there are no desserts though. Our large juicy prime ribeye was done just right, and the French fries and onion rings were addictively good. The chicken and sausage combo was a complete steal too—as the portions for both the chicken and sausages were generous. Similarly, the crispy fried fish was huge, tasty and very fresh. Service was alright, and there is no service charge. If Astons keeps this up, it will be perpetually packed.

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