Baan Ying Singapore

Tucked away on the second floor of Royal Square Novena, Baan Ying Singapore occupies an airy 2,800 sq ft, and serves up delish Thai favourites in a modern, minimalist interior. Born in 1999 in Siam Square, the popular casual bistro chain from Bangkok boasts seven outlets across the city; Singapore makes eight, and the first time the brand has ventured abroad. Here they’ve opted for a simple, sleek decor—complete with floor-to-ceiling windows and wood furnishings—to show to the world that Bangkok dining culture is more than just an orientalised stereotype.

On the menu you’ll find a hearty range of Thai cuisine classics, as well as less familiar dishes that are just as flavourful. Baan Ying’s signature dishes include Khao Pad Nam Prik Noom (homemade green chilli fried rice, $12.80) and Baan Ying Omelette Rice, a velvety egg omelette you can personalise with a list of 20 toppings. 

Come weekends, the space transforms to accommodate a hungrier crowd—those wanting to curb their cravings at The Great Baan Ying Brunch. The weekend-exclusive semi-buffet ($38.80 per adult, available from 11am to 3pm) boasts a full spread of all-you-can-eat appetisers and side dishes also available a la carte, and comes with one main. Of the 20 rotating dishes on offer each time, we’d recommend the Mu Tod Nga (fried white sesame pork), Yum Pla Foo (crispy fish flakes with mango salad dressing), Kai Jiew Koong (omelette with shrimp & onions), Yum Woon Sen (springy, tangy seafood glass noodle salad), and the Kao Tung Na Tung—crispy rice served with an addictive pork and shrimp curry-like dip.

The heaving buffet table also includes an assortment of homemade traditional Thai dip Nam Prik, and a DIY station where you can mask your own papaya or mango salad. Various noodles, soups and curries will be on rotation—but fingers crossed you’re there when it’s the Tom Yum Gai and Kaeng Ped Moo, a unique, citrusy pineapple curry with pork.

For the price tag, you’ll also get one serving of a main course—your choice of Angus Beef Steak, Grilled Large River Prawns, Pan-Fried Salmon Steak, or Bone-In Iberico Pork Chop (at a top-up of $9.80). And definitely save room for dessert; the Rainbow Ruby has dyed the usual red ruby with flavours like butterfly pea and tea to scrumptious effect.