Bacha Coffee

The hype: Revel in a lavish coffee affair at Bacha Coffee. The Moroccan brand’s first international outpost in Singapore features bespoke grinds and traditional preparation methods which entails the very same, luxurious experience of having pots of Moka, just like when it was first established in Marrakech back in 1910.

The vibe: Boasting opulence and regality, the 30-seater boutique at Ion Orchard takes inspiration from the De el Bacha palace, where the very first Bacha Coffee remains located. The spot is drenched in gold and warm colours, while intricate designs fill every nook and cranny of the coffee room. Take in the large selection of coffee on display as you sip on your cuppa.

The food: Although Bacha’s speciality lies in coffee, a rather large variety of food is also available. Fresh bakes like croissants ($8) and coffee cakes ($8) can be found in the glass counter by the store’s entrance, and hot meals can be ordered off the food menu.

The Moroccan chicken pastilla ($24) is a savoury, traditional chicken filo pastry pie that’s quite the crowd-pleaser, while the cucumber tzatziki and caramelised watermelon salad ($20) provides a light and refreshing finish to all the strong coffees.

, Bacha Coffee

The drinks: You’ll truly be spoilt for choice here, with over 200 varieties of coffee available. Every pot ordered also comes with three complimentary sides—cracked vanilla bean, steamed milk and whipped cream.

, Bacha Coffee

There’s the Ethiopia – Sidamo Mountain Coffee ($9), a single origin coffee that’s bold, fragrant but never bitter, which makes this particular brew great with a dash of steamed milk.

Then there’s the 1910 Coffee, the brand’s aromatic signature, reminiscent of wild strawberries and heavy cream, with its mildly sweet flavour. Those who feel like overindulging should add a scoop of fresh cream into the coffee. Otherwise, just enjoy it in its purest form.

And while it might seem blasphemous to advocate decaffeinated coffees, the Brazil, Minas Gerais – Sweet Santos Decaffeinated Coffee ($9) is on our list for its exceptional taste. One could not possibly tell that this is decaf, thanks to its strong and nutty coffee notes.

Why you’ll be back: Traditional brews haven’t been shown as much love, unlike cold brews and other espresso-based beverages, which flood cafes locally. Bacha, however, brings back the old-school preparation methods with bespoke grinds and handcrafted, premium Arabica coffee, in a very accessible setting too, so we can (and will) return for more.