Simpang Bedok is too out of the way to be on our radar, but we’ve found a gem that justifies the trek out. Badoque (Malay slang for eat) has been open for over a year now, and has developed a loyal following among the local Malay community (it’s Halal, of course). The bistro’s got an appealing cozy vibe, with both an indoor and alfresco area. We could rave on about the chicken and orange salad ($7), chunks of tender chicken and juicy slices of Mandarin orange tossed in a light but tasty olive oil dressing, as well as their mouthwatering spicy tuna pizza ($16). Another bestseller is the Badoque steak ($19.50), which gave us a bit of a shock, in a good way—it was 5cm thick and almost as long as our arm; although we’d much prefer if they’d at least made some effort to trim off the fat. The accompanying brown sauce had a nice silky consistency helped by the addition of beef drippings and jus. If you’re craving carbs the spicy cream amatriciana ($12.50) is a good bet. Our linguine was nicely al dente, with a generous helping of turkey bacon, and the combination proved especially satisfying. Not many eateries have such a feel-good effect on us; it’s a real steal and has fantastic service. Certainly one of the best casual restaurants we’ve had the pleasure of eating at in a while. We suggest going when you’re really ravenous—the portions are wildly generous.

Badoque is halal. See our favorite Halal Restaurants in Singapore.