Beast & Butterflies

Restaurant and bar Beast & Butterflies offers Asian-Western fusion flavors alongside artisanal cocktails at the stylish, Philippe Starck-designed M Social Singapore. The space, which is furnished with lava lamps, video projections, table-top TV screens and walls mounted with 40 tablets of contemporary art, also features a bar that overlooks the Singapore River.

The menu offers a buffet breakfast ($25 each) and an a la carte menu that includes local and Asian-inspired dishes like Mee Tai Mak Laksa ($18), Hokkien Noodles ($16) and the ever-popular Lobster Porridge ($38). It also has hearty mains like the tender Szechuan Lamb Steak ($36), the satisfying Crispy Pork Knuckle ($26-$36) and the Beast Burger that features a grilled wagyu beef patty ($35).

While there’s a good wine and liquor selection, their cocktails are worth trying too. The M Social’s Fashionista ($19) comes with bacon strips for something to chew as you imbibe the sweet concoction, while the Smoke your Whisky ($19) is a peaty drink that comes served with a visual treat. 

For desserts, there’s Durian Waffle ($20) for the adventurous, Chocolate Lava Cake ($12) for the Insta-fiends, and our favorite, the orh nee-like Yam Brulée ($12).