Beef Sukiyaki Don Keisuke

Singapore’s ramen maestro, Keisuke Takeda, had proven that he can offer cuisine other than Japanese noodle soup and still make it successful (his gyoza and hamburg restaurants see snaking queues daily), and with the opening of Beef Sukiyaki Don Keisuke, the gyudon dish has now been given the Keisuke treatment and made into the well-executed classic that it is meant to be.

At the cosy 14-seater, there are only two main items on the menu—the US Prime Beef Sukiyaki Don ($13.90) and the Kiwami Wagyu Sukiyaki Don ($29.90). Both, upon order, are prepared live in front of you from start to finish on an electric stove by a cook. So while we often think of sukiyaki as a Japanese hot pot (and it is), it simply refers to the live cooking style of thinly-sliced beef here. The gyudon portions are generous, so be sure to come hungry.

You can choose to get an additional 120g serving of US Prime Beef or Wagyu for $10 and $25 respectively, or another bowl of Koshihikari rice for $2, but it’s not necessary if you’re worried that a single-serve dish isn’t satisfying enough.

Plus, like all of Keisuke’s restaurants, there are free-flow appetisers to feast on. No hard boiled eggs nor bean sprouts here, but the two types of pickled vegetables and the sesame paste served in a bowl of dashi are great for pre- and post-meal munching.