The hype: It’s a rarity these days for a restaurant to glorify the unhealthy. From clean eating to sustainable dining, the conscious slant is in vogue. But Beurre, named after the French word for butter, is bucking the trend—and we totally love ‘em for it.

The vibe: Casual and fuss-free, yet modern and refined, this shophouse space feels like an easy go-to spot any day of the week. The chefs and floor staff are young, passionate folk, and you can feel their easy sense of warmth (like what good butter does to you) when dining here.

The food: Healthy food can be yummy, but to be brutally honest, never as good as cuisine that simply goes all out for flavour. And that’s what you get at Beurre (though that’s not to say every item on Beurre’s menu is meant to clog up your arteries).

, Beurre

Case in point: their signature 10-Day Butter Aged Angus Ribeye ($68), a sharing 350g slab of utter deliciousness you’ll be tempted to finish on your own. It’s actually first dry-aged then butter-aged, giving the beef plenty of intensity and creaminess. Have each slice paired with the accompanying homemade onion compote and red wine jus, for a massive flavour bomb with each morsel.

For smaller plates, try their Escargot ($18) and Foie Gras ($26), which shows off head chef Darwin Wong’s French culinary chops, but with touches of his own ingenuity. Both make use of brown butter, lending them a smoky, aromatic nuttiness you usually don’t get from the classics.

, Beurre

A strong French leaning is apparent in the menu, but you’ll also find sprinklings of Wong’s Asian preferences in dishes like the Unagi ($18), where eel is torched over binchotan then served topped with fried man tou croutons and pickled cucumber, for a balanced play on textures and layers of flavours.

Meanwhile, the Pork ($24) main—made amazing thanks to an inventive szechuan gremolata—caters well to local palates. The side of salted popcorn also reminds us not to take our food too seriously, and to remember to simply relish them. It’s an ethos we can’t remind ourselves enough.

The drinks: There’s a serviceable drinks selection here. A handful of whites, reds and bubby are available, with house pours going for $14. Or wash down all the butteriness with pints of Archipelago beer, also costing $14.

Why you’ll be back: Beurre’s probably the only place in Singapore offering butter-aged steaks, so if you want to taste a slice of velvety, rich and creamy ribeye, you know where to be.