Bice Bistro

We marched off to one-month-old Bice (pronounce with an Italian Bee-Chey) and found that this bistro looks too posh to be categorized as a bistro. Bice Bistro impresses with its high ceilings, full length glass doors, huge framed mirrors and heavy wood finishings. Colored in grey and white, the restaurant resembles a luxe hotel lobby from the outside. The meal started off smoothly with a really tasty carpaccio entree. We then went with the waitress’s recommendation of house special osso bucco and duck rigatoni. The ossobucco came in a mid to large serving and was rather dry. The rigatoni however, was cooked to perfection with decadent creamy duck sauce and truffle oil. An absolutely gorgeous gourmet treat. The dinner concluded nicely with a soft creamy homemade vanilla gelato. Now if only they could close the front glass doors to block out the noise from outside, this would be a nice hangout if you want to impress without burning a large hole in your pocket.