Birds of Paradise Gelato Boutique

Birds of Paradise, located in idyllic Katong, has made the area much sweeter with their gelato offerings. This ice-cream parlour is painted with pastel colours and plastered with floral and bird motifs, staying true to its moniker.

But it’s not just the store that has pastel colored hues. Their gelato offerings too exhibit delicate colors, with signature flavors you won’t usually see elsewhere, such as white chrysanthemum with cacao nibs, spiced pear and strawberry basil, using only natural and botanical ingredients like basil, blue ginger and more. They’re also environmentally friendly—all their ice-cream is served in cups that were made from sugarcane pulp after extracting the juice. 

You can opt for a single scoop ($4.70) or a double scoop ($7.70), or add $1 for a thyme-infused cone. They’re also selling pints at $16 each.