Black Tap Craft Burgers & Beer

The hype: New York’s famed craft burger and milkshake joint finally opens at Marina Bay Sands, bringing a mouthwatering menu and welcome jolt of informality to the glitzy shopping mall. Remember to save space for those monstrous Crazyshakes.

The vibe: Taking over the space previously occupied by buffet restaurant Carnivore, Black Tap makes better use of it with a primarily open-air concept that’s both inviting and comfortable. The 140-seater is decorated to look like an urban New York luncheonette, with splashes of graffiti (and a ‘90s hip hop soundtrack) for that quintessential street vibe. An open Crazyshake bar sits smack center of the restaurant so you can watch all the sugary madness unfold.

The food: Black Tap’s burgers may sit on the pricier end of things, but not undeservedly so. Each one is lovingly crafted and plated—from bestseller The All-American Burger ($22) to less conventional burgers like the Crispy Chicken Sandwich ($23), a perfectly cooked buttermilk chicken burger slathered in kimchi-based BBQ sauce for a spicy, savory slaw. Also good are The Greg Norman ($26), a luxurious wagyu beef burger further elevated by blue cheese and arugula; and The Cantonese BBQ Burger ($24)—the brand’s Singapore-exclusive creation that experiments with Cantonese mayo with black bean paste, “funky” sambal, and dry fish flakes to tangy, acar-flavored effect.

And don’t discount the sides; the thought and effort that go into the burgers are replicated in Black Tap’s non-burger offerings. If you aren’t feeling a heavy burger, opt for a deconstructed burger salad instead, which substitutes greens for the buns. Or order up a round of sides for your party to share—the Fried Mozzarella ($14), Teriyaki Broccoli ($13) and Crispy Brussels Sprouts ($14) are tasty additions to your meal that feel neither overtly healthy nor greasy. And you simply must get the signature Onion Rings ($11)—colossal onions as big as your face tossed in buttermilk and paired with fragrant truffle mayo; a single plate will not be enough.

The drinks: Since they’re the probably the reason why you came, don’t forget to try one of the eight Instafamous Crazyshakes on offer (each one can easily feed four people). Our top picks include the humble Cookies ‘N Cream Supreme ($20) that comes topped with a full-sized ice cream sandwich, peanut butter shake Sweet N’ Salty ($20)—a hot favorite for the Reese’s peanut butter cups and pretzel rods, and The Cookie Shake ($19), an easy-sipping vanilla shake with a cookie crumble-frosted rim and multiple cookies. If you’re there purely for the ‘gram, definitely The CakeShake ($22), an almost sickening sugary monster frosted with rainbow sprinkles and topped with a funfetti cake slice.

True to its name, Black Tap also offers a robust selection of American craft beers on tap ($16), plus a smattering from Singapore and Australia, like your classic Brooklyn Lager and Sweetwater 420 Pale Ale. Otherwise, get a refreshing cocktail ($21) like the Tokyo Lemonade—citrus sake, yuzu, lemon—to “detox” after your meal.

Why you’ll be back: No better place to treat yourself (or a loved one) than a quality joint serving good, hearty food, sincerity, and fun vibes. Plus, you’ll have to make at least a few trips down to finish trying all the Crazyshakes.