Blu Kouzina

Having been regaled by many an Aussie’s tale of a 2am souvlaki run, we were happy to hear about the opening of a new Greek restaurant in Bukit Timah.

Blu Kouzina immediately impresses with its valet parking and Mediterranean vibe. From the wooden tables and chairs, to the napkins and the three-level interior, classically-seaside white and blue is the color scheme.

We were quickly welcomed by the manager and settled down in the alfresco section with complimentary bread and little saucers of salt, pepper and olive oil. Not just any olive oil mind you; Blu Kouzina serves extra-virgin olive oil crafted with handpicked organic olives from the Tsakiris Family Estate in the hills of Messinea, Greece.

To our delight, that green liquid gold was a part of almost every dish we ordered. We started off with an olive-oil drenched lettuce salad and a serving of taramosalata, a meze of cod caviar blended with chopped onions and lemon juice that was an explosion of flavors and textures; salty, sour, creamy and crunchy all at once. With the stage set, we moved on to imam bayildi, silky-smooth eggplant simmered in olive oil and stuffed with seasoned, minced tomatoes.

Glasses of the Greek anise aperitif ouzo in hand, we tucked into the much awaited souvlaki in pita, and boy did it deliver. Succulent chunks of lamb and veggies slathered with a rich tzatziki (yoghurt) sauce, wrapped in char-grilled pita bread, and served with thick-cut fries. Heavenly. Craving more lamb, we called for lamb chops. Two decent-sized chops with a lemon marinade and a bowl of potatoes, capsicum and tomato.

Dessert was the only thing that didn’t wow us: The baklava, crushed hazelnuts in a filo pastry soaked in honey, was too heavy and unbelievably sweet.

The authentic Greek food, along with the attention to detail, makes Blu Kouzina a must-try. 

Since this review was written, Blu Kouzina has moved to a new location on Dempsey Hill.