Blue Label Pizza & Wine

Quietly taking over the spot formerly occupied by speakeasy B28 on Ann Siang Road is Blue Label Pizza & Wine, set up by Travis Masiero who also owns Luke’s, found down the street at Gemmill Lane and also at Orchard.

The newcomer (touted to offer the best pizza in town) is already attracting crowds of expats and locals, all eager to try the pizzas for themselves after seeing the glowing reviews on social media. Trying to get a seat without prior booking is nearly impossible, and even a space at the bar counter is nearly always filled if you don’t arrive early enough before meal times.

There are small plates, salads and desserts available, but the reason why anyone comes here is for the pizzas. The Umami Bomb ($29)—a cornmeal crust topped with shiitake mushrooms, spinach, lemon, anchovies and goat cheese—stands out on the menu. With a name like that you’ll expect an explosion of umami in your mouth, but to do so will only set you up for disappointment.

Go for the Salmon Gravlax EBP ($29) instead, that’s reminiscent of chowing down on a New York bagel. The combo of generous salmon slices with chive schmear and pickled red onions really works. If you’d rather not have seafood, the J-Dog ($32) is your best bet. A carnivore’s dream, the red sauce pizza is topped with bacon, pepperoni and pork sausage for a satisfying, meaty chomp every time. The jalapeno also balances the flavors nicely.

If not, there’s also a rotating guest chef pizza on the menu (it’s currently a Spanish-inspired one with patatas bravas and jamon iberico), so there’s always something new you can try when you’re back.

To wash it all down, wine is the obvious choice (it’s in the name after all), but consider having the restaurant’s own Blue Label craft beer too. The wine list is extensive and oenophiles will be impressed with both the range and the availability of organic and biodynamic wines. Just be prepared to shell out a lavish sum for them.