Bodega y Tapas

Brought to us by the Esmirada group, Bodega Y Tapas lifts the lid on the wonders of Spanish fare, serving up the most loved of Spanish food—tapas. Among the wide range of tapas available, the tortilla espanola stood out. A traditional Spanish potato omelet served with a smooth garlic mayo dip, this dish features different combinations of ingredients every day. The skewers of duck breast also stood out—tender and sweet with orange and cinnamon sauce. Chef Roberto Hernandez Sevillano has done a commendable job in the kitchen by not scrimping on quality ingredients. Even the humble deep fried calamari was given a lift with a crisp light shell and a tangy garlic mayo dip, while the grilled lamb racks were an instant hit. The eatery also boasts a wide range of Spanish wines, cava, sherry, sangria and specialty cocktails for those looking for after-meal tipples. This place is not for serious gourmands, but with its exciting food and casual vibe, Bodega Y Tapas looks all set to be in for the long haul.

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