The buzz: Since there’s apparently no limit to Singapore’s appetite for Spanish food, this new restaurant—named after the Bomba rice used to make its signature paella—has taken over Graze at Martin No. 38.

The vibe: This red-and-black 70-seater is quite the hotspot of the moment—its wooden tables are packed quite close together without being claustrophobic, while bright red milk crates that serve as “lampshades” line the bar counter. It’s a busy, vivacious venue with loud music and lots of action.

The food: Chef Jean-Philippe Patruno who’s had stints at establishments like Barrafina Spanish Tapas Restaurant and Bar in London heads the kitchen, keeping the focus firmly on its paella with options including arroz negro (from $40)—with squid, dry sherry, squid ink and black mushrooms—and Valenciana (from $35), cooked in saffron chicken stock and studded with chorizo, pork belly and chicken. You’ll also find tapas such as chili-garlic prawns ($17), padron peppers ($12) and ibérico croquettas ($12), grilled dishes like Galician-style octopus ($20) and romesco spatchcock chicken ($24), as well as a suckling pig platter (from $60); don’t forget to ask the kitchen to go easy on the sea salt unless you’re big on salty food.

The drinks: For those who prefer cocktails, there are about 10 tipples to sip on at BOMBA including white pear sangria ($15) and the light and delicious Bomba punch ($12). Alternatively, call on the wine menu (from $12/glass) with mostly Spanish offerings that’s heavy on the reds; it also features a short list of sherries (from $12/glass).

Why you’ll be back: The lively vibe here is truly infectious and the Spanish grub’s not half bad either, just don’t come expecting a quiet night out.