BQ Korea

When we arrived for a midweek lunch, this minimalist place was empty, but by the time we left every table was bustling with hungry business types. Although one of our party was arriving later, the staff accommodatingly took our orders first, and then our delayed guest’s order as soon as she was ready. We asked for house recommendations, and the staff quickly referred us to the dolsot bimimbab in either chicken or beef—which we dutifully ordered.

The BQ chicken arrived disturbingly fast, which made us suspect microwaves had been involved. It was accompanied by all the condiments, such as rice, kimchi and soup. Unfortunately, the dish was unimpressive in taste. The bimimbab was better, a mixture of rice, vegetables, beef and raw egg that came in a red hot earthenware bowl. It was a large serving, perhaps too large for a petite eater. We also ordered the spicy seafood noodles, which arrived about 10 minutes after the other two dishes. As the waiter had warned us, this dish of hor fun with seafood, cabbage and a tasty broth was incredibly spicy and definitely not for the faint hearted. All the food arrived piping hot and quickly, so we could chow down and be out of there well within an hour.

The service was fast and efficient, and the staff were friendly and helpful. Although the dishes were nothing out of the ordinary, they generally made for a good quick lunchtime feed, and the bustling atmosphere and open door environment made this a pleasant place to have an inexpensive lunch with a few friends or colleagues.