Brewerkz Restaurants & Microbreweries

In the years that it has been around, Brewerkz has established itself as a veritable institution of great beers brewed in-house and stick-to-your-ribs American chow. We have never seen the restaurant quiet at night, and the evening we went was no exception.

Families filled the alfresco tables in the earlier part of the evening, giving way to groups of friends and couples later who were obviously there as much for the beer as for the food. With the crowd, the atmosphere was typical Brewerkz—buzzing, friendly and loud. You can order beer by the mug (355ml) or by the tower (3,500ml) to cater to big and small parties, and big and small drinkers.

To line your stomach is a lengthy menu with lots of fried appetizers, oversized salads, pastas, pizzas, burgers and mains as well as rich desserts. We ordered a bacon cheeseburger and a New York steak, and split a small mixed salad. The salad, with baby spinach, cashews, fruit, feta cheese and a lovely vinaigrette, was an excellent accompaniment to our meaty main courses which came in American portions. Our cheeseburger was delicious and the steak too was tasty.

This restaurant achieves exactly what it sets out to do, which is to provide yummy American food and signature beers in a fun, casual, Friday night environment.

When the weather is good, eating outside can be a truly enjoyable dining experience. These joints with charming open air areas are just the place to dine on breezy evenings.