Brij Bhoomi

A funny thing (actually a few funny things) happened on the way to this hole-in-the-wall. We were told by a friend of this obscure Indian vegetarian joint at upper Serangoon Road that we simply must check out. The problem was actually finding it. After a few attempts trawling through the web, we found the number, called them up and was told that they were open for “lunch”—this was a Saturday. So being the enthusiastic foodies that we are, we dashed out of the house and hopped into a cab. We had a bit of a problem finding the place at first (even the cab driver didn’t know where it was), but eventually found it after circling around the area for 10 minutes or so. Located opposite Elim Church and next to a few motorcycle stores, this is definitely NOT your average eating place. Never mind that finding Brij Bhoomi was a bitch, but to our absolute surprise, we were told that the place was closed for the day when we got there because they had some catering business to attend to. But … but … fine. So we enquired if there were open for dinner the following day, which they happily said yes to before adding they were open from 6pm. So we came back on Sunday at 6pm, and guess what? They were still not ready for business! The blinds on the main door were half drawn, and we could see some workers still tending to the vegetables inside the main dining room (we kid you not). By now, we were extremely furious, but decided to take a quick stroll across the neighborhood before heading back to the place. When we were back at 7pm, they were ready to serve, thankfully. To be frank, this is simply one of many Indian vegetarian restaurants around Serangoon: Staples like palak paneer and cauliflower tandoori were decent enough and pretty affordable, service was slipshod but the overall vibe was simply too “indie” (read: Dodgy). Needless to say, we won’t be back. Do we need to tell you why again?