Not many places in Singapore serve breakfast dishes like omelets, poached eggs, sausages, bacon, muffins and breads all day. Brunch does. On a hot Saturday afternoon, this outdoor poolside café was fairly empty, save a few sarong and bikini clad tourists lounging about with a book and a beer. We ordered the eggs benedict with chicken ham, a side of wholemeal bread, banana bread and a jumbo hotdog . The eggs ben wins hands down. Served on a lightly toasted English muffin, with a not-too-creamy hollandaise sauce, this dish knocked our socks off. It was healthy, tasty and so satisfying that we heard our stomachs sigh “thank you.” The banana bread was also a winner—warm, moist and not too greasy or sweet. Those two dishes were great comfort food and we felt our moods lifting. If breakfast were the most important meal of the day, then Brunch would be a great place to get a head start.