Burger Frites

The hype: From the same French founder behind Braseiro comes its spin-off, Burger Frites, located just across the road from the steakhouse. Expect artisanal brioche buns and flame-grilled angus beef patties at this unpretentious burger joint that keeps it simple yet nummy–and we hope they keep it that way.

The vibe: Along the stretch of shophouses on Joo Chiat Road lies Burger Frites, easily identifiable by its teal storefront. Head right up to the counter to check out the lean but ample menu, then take your spot anywhere you please in the homely eatery.

The food: It’s ‘bout to get messy, so grab some gloves by the condiment stand and get ready.

, Burger Frites

To enjoy the classic Burger ($16) choose the patty you’ll like to have sandwiched between two crisp yet buttery brioche buns. There’s the 180G Angus Beef Patty, Crispy Chicken or vegetarian-friendly Breaded Brie Cheese; although we’d definitely say go with the first option. For that, bite into a nicely-cooked, medium rare beef patty stuffed into the fresh bread sourced from a French bakery, and layered with cheese, tomatoes, lettuce and pickles–the works.

There’s also the Bacon Burger ($18), for those who like streaky slices in their beefy sandwich, and the Cheese Burger ($17), that poses more gooey goodness.

Getting fries ($4) with your burger is a no-brainer, especially when they’re hand-cut potato pieces, double-fried to achieve that addictive quality.

The drinks: Soft drinks ($3) and coffee beverages ($4) are available, but if you’re looking to indulge, say yes to the creamy milkshakes ($9) which comes in six different flavours, including less conventional ones like coconut, speculoos and pistachio.

Why you’ll be back: When you feel like getting your hands dirty for a solid burger that’s gourmet and not fast food, head to Katong Joo Chiat to find this humble bistro that’ll certainly do right by you and your cravings.