Burger & Lobster

The hype: Famed London restaurant chain Burger & Lobster’s opening in Singapore means we no longer have to face lengthy travels for a taste of their world-famous lobsters and lobster rolls.

The vibe: As its cult following may notice, Burger & Lobster’s first outlet here takes a hint from Jewel’s rainforest aesthetic, providing a somewhat alfresco dining setting, unlike its other restaurants in the UK which generally take on an indoor, gastropub approach. Here, dine in style against the backdrop of the stunning Rain Vortex.

The food: An obvious highlight would be the Original Roll ($40), their signature lobster roll served with a side of fries and salad. Generous lobster chunks and Japanese Mayo combine to form a creamy, delightful white meat slaw, held up well by a toasted, buttery brioche bun.

If you’re willing to get down and dirty, opt for the Original Lobster ($65) instead, featuring a wild Canadian lobster (steamed, grilled or both, depending on your preference) to be paired with either clarified butter or lemon and garlic butter sauces—but you’ll want to try the latter. There’s also the Jewel outlet exclusive Sambal Glazed Lobster ($65) that’ll resonate well with Singaporeans, or to be precise, Chilli Crab lovers. The Sambal sauce coats the entire lobster the same way you’d expect from a Chilli Crab dish, introducing a mild spice that accentuates the natural sweetness of the lobster meat. Served with a side of brioche toast, dip it into the scarlet sauce made from Asian spices, chilli and dried shrimp for a satisfying chomp.

Those avoiding crustaceans will want to try The Mayfair ($25). Having taken its name from the chain’s first outlet in Mayfair, London, the burger has all the makings of a solid burger—fresh ground beef patty, bacon, cheese, tomatoes, pickles and the B&L secret sauce. Like most dishes at Burger & Lobster, it’s paired with a side of salad and crispy fries, for a wholesome and hearty meal.

The drinks: There’s a selection of cocktails, mocktails, wines and beers to choose from. For a nod to our local take-out culture, try the refreshing and non-alcoholic B&L Pineapple Iced Tea ($9), contained in a Singapore-styled takeaway drink bag, and held up by a standee to better create your Insta-perfect moment. For a boozy option, they are able to whip up the classics, but go for the Lillemoni ($14; aperitif wine, grapefruit, tonic) for a fizzy long dink to accompany your saucy mains.  

Why you’ll be back: Any time you’re craving for lobster, Burger & Lobster is the right place to be. It may not exactly be wallet-friendly, but their generous portions make for a worthwhile lobster treat.