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One of town’s many hotel buffet restaurants, Cafebiz considers itself an “interactive” buffet. Chinese traditional handmade noodles, or “la mian,” with beef or chicken stock and dumplings, and Chinese-style roasted meats are signature dishes. For what you get—casual dining with tons of food—it’s pretty good value.

We were intrigued by the displays of food and the interactive nature of the buffet in this lobby setting. Apart from the standard choices, there was a steamboat-like bar (called “dip-dip”) to cook Japanese skewers in, and roving waiters also offered Brazilian-style churrasco meats at your table. With all this activity, it was a little disappointing that the food was average rather than exceptional. The showcase dip-dip did not seem to have caught on, with very few people sampling any of the skewers. We enjoyed the churrasco meats but found it frustrating that we were only approached twice throughout the meal and thus were unable to sample all the different types. The sashimi selection was limited to salmon and the sushi was not fresh, while the scampi and baby lobster were edible but nondescript. The handmade dumpling station served noodles and roast meats and a very tasty Indian vegetable curry, but the dumplings themselves were undercooked and the skin too chewy and dough-like. The ice cream selection at the dessert bar was limited but the numerous individually sized sweets and the delicious crepe cones compensated for this. While the standard of the food was typical of hotel buffet fare, the overall service was pleasing and the staff proactive. At one point, a staff member gently pointed out the cutlery at the food station to us when we overlooked it. On the whole, the variety of the food was plentiful, the atmosphere was pleasant and the helpful and friendly service made this an enjoyable, albeit unexceptional, meal.

Buffet sittings Mon-Fri noon-2:30pm, 6:30-10pm; Sat-Sun and public holidays 11:30am-2pm, 2:30-5pm, 6:30-10pm.

Venue Details
Address: Cafebiz, G/F 1A Cuscaden Rd., Singapore, 249716 Singapore
Phone: 6831-4374
Area: Tanglin
Cuisine: Buffet, International
Price Range: $
Open since: April, 2005
Opening hours: daily 6:30am-midnight
Alfresco, Reservation recommended, Parking available: at Traders Hotel, Takeaway available, Late night
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