Cafe&Meal Muji (Raffles City)

Cafe&Meal Muji is part of Singapore’s 10th Muji store, with more than 10,600 sq ft to house both the eatery and store. Just like the first Cafe&Meal Muji at Paragon, this 70-seater cafe will have the usual deli sets ($7.80-$16.90), a combination of rice, soup, a hot and a cold deli, on top of the new dishes and the current favorites like roasted tea pudding ($5.40), baked salmon with miso sauce ($4.80) and iced ryukyu chai ($4.90).

That’s not all that’s exciting about this branch. On the retail end, there will be the usual homeware, lifestyle items and more. But you’ll also be able to customize sofa covers, rugs and curtains by picking the kind of design, size, material and color that suits your fancy. And finally, and this is particularly exciting, Muji bicycles and products from the Found Muji collection that have been available everywhere but in Singapore, or so it seemed, will finally make their way to this flagship store soon.