Caffe Cicheti

The hype: A Venetian restaurant that started it all, then a casual pasta and wine bar near Keong Saik, and now a cafe serving Italian coastal cuisine–the Cicheti label continues to prove how well they know Italian grub. Here at Caffe Cicheti, feast on refreshing seaside delights, that provide a good balance between all the Cicheti brand offerings.

The vibe: By now, you might have figured out that Caffe Cicheti has taken over the locale of beloved mod-Aussie brunch spot Fynn’s at South Beach. Much of the space has remained unchanged despite the switch; the cafe still exudes the same air of elegance with its minimalist design, marble dining tables and patio furnishings.

The food: It’s an endless Italian summer when you dine at Caffe Cicheti.

, Caffe Cicheti

Begin your meal with a refreshing Panzanella ($15), that’s a light, colourful mix of chopped heirloom and datterino tomatoes; the Tuscan salad acts as the perfect appetizer for the carbier mains to come.

Then try the Gnocchi ($23), which presents a mushroom veloute with forest mushrooms and shaved parmigiana over a bed of pillowy gnocchi. And if you’re feeling famished, get the Pesto ($22) as well. This dish is a fragrant concoction thanks to the house-made pesto that the al dente spaghetti is tossed in.

But don’t leave without having an order of the Iberico Pork ($29.50). The pork rack is rubbed with house-made five-spice mix and fermented garlic, before being served with a side of kale salad and thinly-sliced granny smith apples, for your utmost indulgence.

The drinks: From classic espresso-based beverages ($4-$7) to a substantial mix of red and whites, there are plenty of drinks on the menu to help quench your thirst.

Why you’ll be back: The third iteration of the Cicheti brand, this quaint cafe locale is worth revisiting time and again thanks to its delivery of meals that remind us of summers in Positano.