California Pizza Kitchen

Dropping by this old timer of a restaurant on a weekend evening, we sat in one of the booth seats and found the tables crampingly close. The waiter serving us was spaced out, and we had to keep repeating our order until he got it. Even then, he missed one item. When our food arrived, we found one thing in common between the Szechuan orange chicken lettuce wraps and the Peking duck pizza—they were both too salty. They were not horrid-tasting, but less salt would have boosted the taste factor a lot more. For dessert, we had the key lime pie, which was OK, apart from a slightly soggy crust and a not very zesty flavor. Fortunately, our Oreo milkshake was thick and yummy. The food here has the potential to be better, so it’s a shame that this restaurant did not come up to scratch during our visit. We hope it will improve the next time we drop by.

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