Capella has always offered reliable Italian cuisine in neat surrounds so we headed back to find out how their new menu was faring. Executive Chef Jason Lee always tries to up the ante by adding a modern flair to many of his food items which make the menu an enticing read. For instance, we eagerly anticipated our lobster and mushroom ravioli with seared foie gras on roasted garlic fondue. The dish was tasty with seafood infused throughout, but, to be honest, it did not live up to its description and was not quite as exciting as we were expecting. Similarly our pumpkin soup was well cooked, but not the best we’ve tasted. Ditto the garden salad which was fresh, light but nothing out of the ordinary. Luckily dessert was delicious–the banana cheese cake was chock full of banana flavor and was suitably creamy and sweet without being too heavy. Still, Capella is not a bad option for entertaining guests–the food is a nice mix of flavors and nothing is ever bad–it’s just a pity that with a menu that tries very hard to be exceptional, it still falls just short.