Capitol Milk Bar

The hype: Diners were a thing of the past—or so we thought. The Capitol Milk Bar may remind older folks of a certain Magnolia Snack Bar, and that’s because this modern-day reincarnation draws inspiration and pays tribute to the classic diner from the 60s.

The vibe: This modest, double-storied space is fully decked out. Sporting a ’60s vibe, the cosy diner is furnished with silestone table and countertops, ceramic marble flooring and accented wall tiles—so don’t be afraid to don a retrotastic getup to match the ambience. 

, Capitol Milk Bar

The food: What’s a diner without burgers? Capitol Milk Bar serves up picture-perfect burgers like the Stamford ($18) that’s 150 grams of tender Black Angus beef patty resting gently in an egg wrap, topped with cheddar and black pepper mushroom. Then there’s the crowd-favourite Capitol ($19) that hits the spot with a generous portion of savoury pulled pork on a bed of arugula, pickled cucumber and yuzu cabbage slaw, bound in a smooth apple butter barbecue sauce. The burgers come customisable, so choose between the fluffy charcoal brioche, nutritious multi-grain or wholesome sesame bun; all freshly made in-house.

, Capitol Milk Bar

Also on the menu is the metre-long hot dog called the Classic New Yorker 1m ($36), which is a communal serving (or for one, we don’t judge) of the archetypal feel-good ‘dog made famous in the Big Apple. The Classic is decked with a quality pork sausage, garnished with mustard, ketchup, cucumber relish and crispy onions. Or for a more loaded kick, go for the Rio Rita ($15), which features a spicy beef sausage, arugula, chili con carne, mozzarella cheese and tomato salsa.

Fries are also a must-have at the Milk Bar; both the Curly Fries ($5) and Sweet Potato Fries ($5). And to end off on a sweet note, dig into the Capitol Milk Bar Banana Split ($15) for a rum-glazed treat.

The drinks: Get a satisfying glass of milkshake to share with your date. The locally-inspired shakes are the highlights of the bunch, like the malty-rich Milo Dino and the Chendol-inspired Singapore Dash (both $14).

, Capitol Milk Bar

Why you’ll be back: Nostalgia is a big factor here, apart from the delightful menu. In this era of familiar and safe casual dining eateries, escape back to the mid 1900s and indulge in hearty, Western grub and decadent shakes.