This hotel restaurant has been serving buffets for a while now. The first thing that struck us about Carousel was how colorful it is—notably its cute candy-striped chairs. Packed on the evening we went, the enthusiastic wait staff seemed to keep their cool, providing us with very prompt smiling service.

Though the international buffet selection is not the most comprehensive we’ve had, there’s a little bit of everything at the seven stations. Some of the seafood could have been fresher, but most of the dishes were yummy, like the Mediterranean offerings. And the desserts, in particular the chocolate Earl Grey crème brulee and chocolate fountain, made a sweet roundup to an all in all satisfying meal.

Best of all, the food here is halal, so the next time you’re wondering where to head with a Muslim friend, take them to this trendy spot.

Carousel is on our list of Top Halal Restaurants in Singapore.