Casa Mediterranea

It’s a pity that this quiet restaurant along Duxton Road is not as frequented as it should be. On a sunny afternoon when we paid the place a visit, it was completely empty (we thought it was closed), and throughout our lunch session, we were the only patrons there. It may be that the restaurant was simply having a bad day, but no matter, as our lunch was more than satisfactory. We were well taken care of throughout our meal, as the waiters were prompt, polite and hardworking. Patrons can choose to have the set lunch ($25) or a la carte, and we went for both. We started our meal with Spanish tapas—the chorizo (pork sausage, $8) was well done and meaty, and so was the albondigas (meatballs, $6), even though their texture was a tad mushy. Our set lunch comprised potato soup, Sicilian grilled stuffed squid with eggplant and tomato, and churros with vanilla ice-cream and chocolate cinnamon sauce, which were all good. Our main course of Talerines Catalna (homemade egg noodles with prawn, squid, clams and Mediterranean sauce, topped with tomato sauce and garlic, $24), was also agreeable, if not special. Casa Mediterranea may not be essential, but it’s a safe bet for a quick lunch or dinner date if you’re around the Tanjong Pagar vicinity.