Central Perk Singapore

F.R.I.E.N.D.S fans rejoice! The show may be long over, but now you can relive those great memories (or better, create your own) at Singapore’s very own Central Perk Cafe at Central Mall. It’s the only one outside of the United States to be granted rights by Warner Brothers.

What started out as as crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo earlier this year has become a reality. Much attention has been paid to the details as the interiors of the cafe are very similar to the one in the show, sporting a chill and cozy atmosphere with neon lights, couches and exposed brick walls, the iconic orange couch. They’ve also extended the cafe to showcase Rachel’s runaway bride dress, Phoebe’s cat in her guitar case, Monica’skitchen and Chandler and Joey’s foosball table. They’ve even recreated the streets of New York.

Fans would probably recognize all the food items on the menu as they have been adapted from the show itself. Expect dishes like Janice’s Oh My God Baby Back Ribs ($39), Ross’s Ahh Unagi ($36), Chandler’s Thanksgiving Chicken ($36) and other fun offerings from the show. The cafe has also teamed up with local coffee brewers in town to create six different blends of coffee which are characteristic of the six protagonists of the show. Their coffee starts from $4 and goes up to $8. You can find blends like the smoky blend which is profiled after Chandler or the full Italian roast with an American blend which is profiled after Joey.