Changing Appetites

Under the searing heat of the midday sun, the air-conditioned interior of Changing Appetites was a much welcomed relief. It brought to mind the well-known dessert café N.Y.D.C.; even the menu and beverage mug looked suspiciously similar. The place was painted in bright yellow and lined with wacky stuffed toys, which created a relaxed and casual atmosphere. The lunch crowd comprised mainly office workers and the restaurant seemed to be doing fairly well considering the competition it had from numerous nearby eateries. First up for us were battered onion fritters and fried calamari. The onion fritters were a little oily but filled with a good amount of onion. We were amazed by the tenderness of the calamari which was enhanced by the accompanying tartar sauce. With our appetites whetted, we eagerly awaited the main course: Fish and chips and roast chicken stuffed with cheese and mango and topped with mango sauce. We liked the fact that the portions were generous. Unfortunately, the quality left a lot to be desired. The fish—though fresh—was coated in a batter that lacked flavor and needed dousings of tartar sauce. The roast chicken with cheese and mangos left us perplexed—we just did not like the combination of flavors. After these disappointing main courses, we really looked forward to dessert. The lychee “kooler” was just what we needed on that sunny afternoon; the refreshing blend of ice topped with lychees really made our day. We also tried a mud pie, which this restaurant unabashedly claims to be best in. We ordered the Taste Like Nuts gelato mud pie, and soon found out why they dared make such a claim. The subtle gelato rested on a soft yet crunchy cookie crust, and we wished we had room for more. The food might be wanting in some aspects, but the desserts will lure us back again.