Cheeky Chocolate

This little chocolatier opened up in the Thomson area a couple of months ago. They make their own gourmet chocolates here with interesting names like Bored Lemon, Shy Rose and Lavender Love. We have tried dining here on weekends, but gave up, as the place was too packed. So we decided to check it out on a weekday instead. Junior college or possibly university-aged youngsters made up most of the crowd, and the atmosphere here was bubbling with energy and flirtiness. Besides the chocolates which go at $2.20 per piece, this place has savory items like sandwiches and crepes. We ordered the Chicken Teriyaki Style crepe which was good, but it paled in comparison to the Shrooms R Good, a creamy mushroom crepe with a poached egg on top. The texture of the crepes itself was an accomplishment; they were super thin and crispy and not rubbery. For dessert, we sunk our teeth into the Waffles with Maple Syrup and The Cheeky Chocolate Warm Chocolate Cake. The cake came oozing with warm, sticky Varlhona chocolate but was a little too sweet. The waffles were much better—crisp on the outside and soft but not mushy on the inside. We didn’t really dig the ice-cream on the side, so next time, we’ll order the waffles plain with just maple syrup and icing sugar. This is definitely the kind of place to come for dessert. The top draws are the novelty factor of the chocolates which are created to invoke different moods, and the cozy ambience with a young, friendly crowd.