Chen Fu Ji Noodle House

After a year in the market, this noodle house has shown an ability to serve some great fare in an ambience that nostalgically recalls the authentic coffeeshop. We arrived to find the place slightly crowded. Service was prompt despite the crowd, and their extensive menu left us a little spoilt for choice. This restaurant is renowned for its fresh hand-made noodles, and the seafood horfun was accompanied by thick aromatic gravy and fresh tasty prawns, squid and fishcake. Another of their signature dishes, the famous award-winning Chen Fu Ji Imperial Golden Fried Rice , came topped with generous portions of crab meat and had us longing for more. Each rice grain was golden yellow and coated with egg, making it a must-order menu item. The popular Szechuan diced chicken was also tasty and yummy; the small chicken pieces that were coated with a spicy sweet sauce also easily made it to our list of recommendations. For dessert, we ordered mango pudding and Chinese herbal jelly, but despite claims that these items are prepared from Chen Fu Ji’s very own recipes, we found them no different from other establisment’s desserts. Still, we left satisfied and full, knowing which menu items to order next time.

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