Chuan Hung

The hype: More comforting Sichuan goodness from the folks behind cool concepts like Birds of a Feather and 51 Soho? We’re definitely behind that.

The vibe: Chuan Hung ain’t fancy—but that’s why we like it. Channeling back alley noodle store charms, it is an elegant and rustic place filled with bamboo and wood furnishings that make you feel comfortable whether you’re here alone or with a few friends. Just slurp away.

The food: It’s all about Mian Yang rice noodles here. The Sichuan province staple is slippery and stays firmer for longer in the various broths offered here.

Like proper ramen stores, choose your combo of noodles/broth/toppings using a chit—just check away what you want. The Signature Braised Beef ($13.50) option is the easy go-to, best had with the clear broth for something straightforward, or the red broth for an aromatic kick of Sichuan peppers and pickled and dried chillies. They offer a mixed broth option too, for the best of both worlds.

The more adventurous will appreciate the other signature, the more potent Braised Pig Intestines ($13.50). And only for the Australia Ox Tongue ($14.50) and King Prawns ($15.50) proteins, there’s a pepper broth option as well. Unlike the red, this one is more numbing, builds up slowly, has less of an immediate spice kick yet still piquant and addictive.

Other than hot bowls of noodles, Chuan Hung also offers small plates. The Fried Crispy Pig Intestines ($5.50) is undeniably a must-try. Usually only braised, the added crispy layer not only gives more dimension to the texture, but makes the offal dish more fragrant too. Dip in spice powder and eat it like a snack.

The drinks: There’s the usual soft drinks, iced teas ($2.50) and Tsingtao beer ($8), but it’s the special homemade drinks—Grains Dream and Tea Garden, both $5—that you should get. The former is a malty, healthy concoction of barley, watermelon, chia seeds, dates and pandan, while the latter is a refreshing medley of green tea, grapefruit, apple and white fungus.

Why you’ll be back: The reason why you’ll go to that ramen shop to slurp away comforting bowls of noodles is the same reason why you’ll find yourself at Chuan Hung again and again. No fuss—just good noods.