Club Chinois

Not much has changed at the enchanting Club Chinois, and that’s a good thing. This Shanghai chic boudoir still has silk curtains, tall-backed chairs, and those very pop-art fluorescent pictures of cheong sam-ed women gazing out at you. The menu still offers enticing and unique combinations such as the Beijing duck skin with five spiced foie gras. Our $48 menu came with a gorgeous array of dishes, from the deep-fried prawns to the superb beef consommé, to the divine marbled goby. But the killer was the tiramisu which was absolutely heavenly—one of the best we’ve ever had. Really. To complement the meat dishes we ordered a few side plates of spinach and beancurd and kai lan which were also pretty darn good. Top this off with the free flow house pours and we found it all a bit fabulous. Our only gripe was the disorganized service, but given the amazing food and chi-chi ambience, we were still impressed. Club Chinois continues to be one of the better Chinese restaurants in town.