The Coconut Club

This modern day kopitiam located amidst the bars, pubs and upscale eateries of Ann Siang Hill dishes out a premium plate of nasi lemak at a whooping price of  $12.80, which sounds almost ridiculous considering the usual price of nasi lemak at any other places. But when you realize what goes into the dish, you’ll probably want to try it for yourself.

Founded by food enthusiasts Lee Eng Su, Kamal Samuel and Lee Chan Wai, The Coconut Club started as an idea after they attended a nasi lemak convention in Kuala Lumpur in 2014. What matters the most at this rustic-looking eatery is the nasi lemak, which is pretty much the only thing on the menu besides add-ons like fried fish (market price) and charcoal grilled otak-otak ($8.50), as well as cendol ($3.80), hot and cold beverages ($2-$3) and beer on tap ($8 for a half-pint).

For their coconut rice, they use Malaysian West African hybrid (MAWA) coconuts that are imported three times a week from Selangor. Then they spend about nine hours to clean and juice them by hand and use it to cook the jasmine rice, that’s indigenous ofthe north-eastern region of Thailand. The chicken used for the ayam goreng berempah that comes with the dish is from Malaysia, and the ikan bilis, from Pangkor Island, a Malaysian resort island. That’s a lot of effort for a simple dish, but it’s details like these that really make it stand out.

They are still expanding their menu and will be adding more coconut based dishes in the weeks to come.