Coffee Break

The Coffee Break stall at Amoy Street Food Centre isn’t your average drink stall at a hawker center. This family-run business has a long history—about 81 years—and has been passed down for generations. 

Coffee Break was first opened in 1935 along the old, now-defunct East Reclamation Road, until they had to relocate because of the ’60s port development plans at Tanjong Pagar. Jack Sai and his sisters Faye and Anna are the third generation in their family to be operating this humble store. Unlike the usual cafe fare that serve $6 lattes and an elaborate and Instagrammable menu, Coffee Break is a straight-forward hawker stall that offers traditional coffee—a blend of robusta and arabica coffee beans—with interesting twists. Think pumpkin-spiced lattes, sea salt mint lattes and more (from $3.80).

Apart from the usual kaya toast routine, they also offer homemade spreads like taro, matcha coconut, rum and raisin creme, black sesame and more (from $2.50). The family has plans to expand the business, starting with a new standalone outlet in a new office building next to Kent Ridge MRT Station by end-September.