Playful restaurant and bar in Tanjong Pagar by the same people behind 28 HongKong Street, serving equally exciting dishes.

Brunch fare paired with top-quality cocktails by the Proof & Company people? Yes, please! Former Meatsmith chef Alysia Chan serves up all-American breakfast fare like the Mash-Bill Grits, involving poached eggs, rye, barley and smoked gouda, as well as chilaquiles paired with mezcal-spiked Bloody Marys.


The people behind the famous 28 HongKong Street and Proof & Company Spirits launched Crackerjack, a restaurant providing feel-good nosh and fresh cocktails throughout the day. The restaurant is fully decked in playful aesthetics of green, red and yellow; a beehive-looking wall cabinet at the cocktail bar and artworks by artist and founder of Kult, Mojoko, accompanied by large communal blonde teak tables and full-length windows. 

Prepared by former chef at Meatsmith, Alysia Chan, the eatery will serve a variety of food like an all-American breakfast Mash-Bill Grits inspired by a typical Bourbon recipe, pairing rye and barley with smoked goud and poached eggs ($12). For lunch, you can try Crackerjack’s “Trays” ($18-$25), a dish that resembles typical school lunches (but for adults) served on trays instead of plates. You can either go for the meat-packed Mojo Brandt Bavette Steak Salad consisting of quinoa verde and jicama cabbage slaw, or the vegetarian lentil mushroom scotch egg. As for their dinner menu, it doesn’t disappoint with options like Bourbon glazed pork collar chop with jicama coleslaw, red cabbage and candied pumpkin seeds with bourbon mash-bill grits ($24) and the local barramundi sourced from a kelong in Pulau Ubin, served with blistered green beans and black garlic potatoes ($24).

As for the drinks, you can count on Peter Chua and Zachary de Git, award-winning bartenders who came from two of Singapore's best drinking venues to keep your thirst quenched. You can look forward to a selection of highballs that use a combination of natural and housemade syrups with soda and craft spirits in their repertoire. Try exotic blends like Mojoko's psycho tropics sour consisting of Purasangre tequila, lime pineapple, tamarind and chili ($18), or Fro-Zay, a slushie version of frozen rose wine from Provence ($19). Alternatively, you can go for some great coffee brewed by United States Barista Champion Bronwen Serna in collaboration with 2Degrees North, with options like a double shot espresso with cereal-soaked milk ($6) and a bottomless cup of batch brew coffee ($8).

Venue Details
Address: Crackerjack , 43 Tanjong Pagar Rd., Singapore, 088464 Singapore
Phone: 8121-1462
Area: Tanjong Pagar
Open since: January, 2017
Opening hours: Mon-Sat 8am-midnight; Sun 10am-10pm
Nearest trainTelok Ayer
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