Craft Feeds

A refreshing, foxy entry into the Duxton area perfect for crafty hopheads

This trendy sharing plates establishment on Duxton Hill pairs their dishes with local and international craft beers available on tap—such as the locally brewed Rye & Pint Punchin’ Rye Pale Ale ($14)—and in bottles.

The hype: Trendy sharing plates establishment on Duxton Hill that pairs their dishes with local and international craft beers available on tap and in bottles.

The vibe: Craft Feeds is a brightly lit and warm space—think soft woods, white walls and overhanging orange light bulbs—with regular, bar counter and communal high stool seating available. Empty craft beer bottles adorn a central glass shelf and a windowsill to remind you of the venue’s focus on specialty brews.

The food: While what may draw you here initially is its well-curated list of craft beers—the locally brewed Rye & Pint Punchin’ Rye Pale Ale ($14) on tap that exudes fine notes of passionfruit is both amazing on its own or paired with food—it is the borderless cuisine, the creation of young Consultant Chef Benedict Yong, that will unexpectedly win over your stomachs.

The dinner menu—currently the only menu—is broken down into deconstructed small plates of vegetables, meats, seafood, desserts and bar bites. When ordering, a good rule of thumb is to go for between four to six plates per pair of diners to share. While the menu isn’t that extensive at the moment, some dishes clearly stand out from others.

A winner is the Flame-seared Salmon ($14), that comes with grapes, tomatoes, candied pistachios and sherry vinaigrette. While some venues may recommend eating deconstructed elements by themselves first then follow up with a spoonful of every element combined, Yong insists that his cuisine is best eaten in summation only. And we agree. The Chicken Breast ($17) is tender and good by itself (thanks to a dual sous vide and pan-searing process), but when eaten together with the lemon aioli, tabbouleh, pine nuts, parmesan and soft-centred egg accompaniments, the dish is given plenty more layers that enhance the base ingredient. It is complex without being overpowering.

Other standouts include the soft Iberico Pork Cheeks ($19) served with marmite butter, parsnip, charred baby corn and mustard mayo, as well as the white wine-soaked Poached Pear ($12) that comes with an earthy hazelnut prune “soil” and frozen lime candy. The desserts are made to pair with the craft brews available too, so don’t stop drinking once you’re done with the savoury dishes.

The drinks: The launch list of of beers is by no means voluminous, but broad enough, and more importantly, hand-picked by Yong to pair with his flavor-forward cuisine. There are three brews on tap at the moment: the crisp and refreshing Kona Longboard Lager ($10); the hoppy Lost Coast Indica IPA ($11); and the aforementioned fruity pale ale by Rye & Pint. These three brewers feature prominently on the bottled menu as well, alongside inclusions from Maisel, Innis & Gun, Delirium Tremens, Lindemans and Hong Kong Beer.

Don’t fancy a beer? A small list of classic cocktails and a handful of wines are available too. Be sure to check with the crew on which drink to order, especially with Restaurant Manager Jabez Lim, who knows the pairings best.

Why you’ll be back: Besides affordability, the young, affable staff makes the already cozy, casual hangout spot even more welcoming. The convenient location and competitive price range compared to its Duxton neighbours also makes Craft Feeds an eminent pick for a pint, meal, or both.

Venue Details
Address: Craft Feeds, 13 Duxton Hill, Singapore, 089597 Singapore
Phone: 6909-0521
Area: Central, Tanjong Pagar
Cuisine: International
Price Range: $$
Open since: June, 2017
Nearest trainChinatown
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