Crystal Jade Jiang Nan Cuisine

What can we say, they’ve done it again. Crystal Jade, home of some of the best dumplings this town has to offer right across all its outlets, has come up with another winner. Housed in the space that used to be Hu Cui, in the last few months Crystal Jade has managed to set up another eatery with a delightful Shanghainese menu—and somehow it’s remained a secret. You can even come here on a weekend lunch time and, shock! horror!, you won’t have to wait for a table. Expect the usual staples of xiao long bao ($2.60), steamed vegetable bao ($2.40), pan fried dumplings ($3.30) and wantons in hot and sour soup ($8), all served up with the usual Crystal Jade consistency. And the service is as per usual for a Crystal Jade eatery—rough round the edges but still good. We have to admit that it just doesn’t seem like Crystal Jade without the long queues and bustling interior, but then again, if that means we can eat our dumplings even sooner, we’re not really complaining. Definitely worth heading to if you can’t get into sister restaurant Crystal Jade La Mian Xiao Long Bao upstairs.