Crystal Jade La Mian Xiao Long Bao

The way we see it, Crystal Jade will be around for as long as they are hungry people. The reason is simple—the food is hearty, good, fuss-free and reasonably-priced. And we know how much Singaporeans love good deals. As such, we found the restaurant swarming with patrons during lunch on a weekend. We patiently took a queue number and waited. We were seated in about 20 minutes in a comfy booth seat in the sleek, modern interior.

The la mian in spicy and sour soup was potent stuff, and the la mian Szechuan style—noodles swimming in peanutty, robust gravy, was delicious too (but a bit heavy-going). The la mian with minced meat and black fungus was good and so was the pan fried mushroom pastry. The staff were reasonably helpful, buzzing around like bees reassuringly. Although the food is not jawdroppingly good, Crystal Jade more than delivers a decent Chinese meal.

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