The Da Bang / Don’t Tell Mama

Cafe by day (The Da Bang) and bistro by night (Don’t Tell Mama), this new Tanjong Pagar opening may have vastly different menus, but they’re both crowd-pleasers with simple, comfort nosh. At The Da Bang (7.30am-5pm daily), an Australian brunch and dessert spot with a dose of Korean-style dishes, try the kimchi panini ($12), bulgogi panini ($12) or their range of bingsu, if the adolescent dessert favorite isn’t too twee for your adult sensibilities. More age-appropriate is Don’t Tell Mama (5pm-12am daily), a Mexican-Korean fusion bistro (a la LA in the noughties) which has an uncomplicated menu of burritos (veggie and prawn), tacos (prawn, chicken, beef and enchilada), fries (bulgogi, kimchi and garlic prawn) and Korean-inspired quesadillas (bulgogi and kimchi and chicken). Their fun cocktails are the highlight, so order the beergarita ($22), spicy melon ($12) or lychee maragarita ($10) to feel a little more grown-up.