Da Paolo e Judie

Tucked away in a refurbished 1920s shophouse, everything about Da Paolo e Judie says less is more—from the minimalist interior to the subtle flavor of the dishes. The atmosphere is quiet and elegant, heightened by a simple, clean and classy interior of dark wood panels, white marble floors and an ultra chic glass panel banister. We kicked off dinner with thinly sliced raw beef tenderloin with arugula. On our waiter’s recommendation, we ordered sautéed codfish with a creamy white wine sauce. Light and fragrant, the delicate fish was naturally juicy, and accented by aromatic herbs. Meat lovers will appreciate the pan-fried beef tenderloin—it was thick and succulent, with a smoky ham-like flavor that was scrumptious. The only complaint we had was that the outside of the beef was tough and slightly overcooked. Pasta is also a specialty here, with an extensive list of home-made pasta dishes to choose from. As for dessert, the tiramisu is just right for sharing. At the end of our meal, we were presented with a small sachet of cookies, a classy and thoughtful touch. A charming setting, excellent service and cuisine make this restaurant great for special occasions.