Dan Ryan’s Chicago Grill

Dan Ryan’s, named after a 1940s Chicago politician, has been around forever tucked away in Tanglin Road, and is one of the best places to go for a really relaxed pub vibe. People come dressed in whatever and are all sorts—from families to business people to tourists just looking for a burger fix.

This joint is completely unpretentious and relaxed and Dan Ryan’s never pretends to be something more than what it is—good old American fare. Its menu is the expected mix of ribs, steaks, grilled items and essentials, such as onion rings and nachos, which all makes for a good feed. And it all tastes just as you’d expect: The buffalo wings  are tangy with a creamy blue cheese sauce, the burgers (you need to ask for the separate bar snacks menu for these) are hearty and filling, the rack of lamb is large and the ribeye steak above average.

Top this off with a Tetleys or a Tsing Tao and you’re in for a satisfying, if a little predictable, meal. Nothing will ever blow you away about Dan Ryan’s, but if American food is what you’re after, they’ll deliver.